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I like meat for the most part.
I have a very narrow esophagus and its hard for me to eat some meats like steak, cube steak, anything tough and chewy.
I like the idea of raising my own. As a kid I raised hogs for fair projects and at the end of the show people would bid per pound and they would be slaughtered so I'm used to that. We also chip in and buy a part of a steer to support the kids and to have fresh meat.
I like local grown and grass fed.
The movie Food Inc. opened my eyes to feeder lots and large scale places.
I'm not really into pork a whole lot because I don't care for the taste.
I also don't care for the fatty portions of meat and prefer lean meat.
I try to eat as healthy as possible.
I wouldn't ever eat horse. I've owned them and I don't condone how some of them are slaughtered inhumanely and personally don't feel they were put on this earth to eat but to each is his own. I do realize the over ubundance of them and if they was a more humane way to slaughter than I would support it.
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