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Eating meat. What is your stance?

Whether you love to eat meat or are a darn vegan, I'd love to hear from you. I find it interesting.

I eat meat. I do not like where it comes from (like big slaughterhouses who don't have time to be nice when there is money to be made) and I do make an effort to buy humanely kept and slaughtered animals. I plan on raising my own animals for slaughter when I'm able to - the way I see it, if you wouldn't look her in the eye and put her down for food, perhaps you shouldn't eat her. It is so easy to buy a ground up cow and make patties out her. Or a drumstick, when you didn't see it supporting a hen while she walked about.

And it's CERTAINLY easy to fry bacon without thinking of how intelligent and even thoughtful the pig who died to make it is, and how horrific a life he lead. I love bacon. But I think I'm going to give it up unless it comes from a very humane farm where it was slaughtered and treated humanely.

Would it be hard to put down an animal yourself for food? Or course - for most animal lovers. But I'd be happier eating a turkey that I know I cared well for and killed fast and humanely than wondering what kind of torture that bird on the table went through. I catch fish (everything from flounder to shark) and crabs then kill them for food. They might be lesser than a lamb as far as intelligence, but it really made me respect that animal much more.

I think people would respect animals in general a lot more if they did their own slaughtering and dressing for food.

I just thought I'd post after the comments on the pig thread.
Pigs are so smart, smarter than most of our dogs. Number four out of all animals in intelligence. But we all cry over dolphin slaughter - me included - and then go much on a ham sandwich.

Just some food for thought. I'm not trying to debate with anyone or rile anyone up, I like to hear opinions from all sides, it does a mind good to look at everything from several perspectives.

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