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Default Zoey passed the blood test but flunked fecal

Zoey's first vet visit yesterday was great. She charmed everyone in the office and they were very impressed with how well-mannered she was. They said most of the GSD they have come in are big babies about everything. Zoey was visiting with all the people, taking treats, being her happy self.

He said her hips, as well as he could check without being sedated, looked good. She had nice muscle on her thighs and she was carrying herself normally. If we ever have to have her sedated for anything else we'll have them xrayed.

As a stray the pound said they had to clean out a bunch of foxtails and we thought maybe one was still in there because she is really rubbing one ear every chance she gets but he said they both look wonderful and clean. We'll watch that over the next week and see how things go.

The vet, bless his heart, called me this morning with all the test results so we didn't have to wait until after the holidays. All the blood work came back 100% terrific. Heartworm was negative. yay!

That was the good news. The bad news is that she has whip worm and Giardia. He just called in a prescription for her so we'll get her started on that right away and I'm about to read through the forums on how to deal with it. It's my first experience with Giardia.

She was going to start obedience classes after New Year's but I've had to cancel that.

I love her so much already and know we'll get her fixed up but I'm also a little sad that we will have to keep her out of class for what sounds like 3-4 months while we get this under control.
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