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Odds of being pregnant

Hello! I am new to this board and an excited GS mommy to be . I'm wondering how often matings aren't successful as I'm getting nervous about my puppy....

I have placed a deposit with a reputable breeder who bred her female in late October. She indicated that she had her dog tested by a vet to ensure the right days to breed her. She was bred twice and both times they were successful.

The breeder indicated that the due date would ba between December 31 and January 2. I hadn't heard anything so, I called the breeder last Saturday to see if she had any news. She said that she couldn't tell for sure if her dog is pregnant and that it was hard to tell until closer in. She said she'd call me as soon as she knew anything and that she was just as excited/nervous as me.

Her dog is about 2 and 1/2 and this is her first breeding. Does anyone know how likely a breeding is to take?

The pup is extra special because it's great grandma was our old dog's mom. I searched for the breeder as our original dog was the best dog ever.

I'm very hopeful but, starting to worry. Does anyone have any info to share on how to tell if a dog is pregnant and how soon you should be able to tell?

Thanks a bunch!!! Also, Merry Christmas to everyone
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