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Balanced drives

My 95 year old young mother comes to live with us in the winter. She arrived last week. She lives in our downstairs suite, has her own entrance and comes and goes as she wishes. My dog is very protective of her, goes with her on walks, mom with her walker and Journey at her side. Journey and her play fetch and the dog is very aware of mom's fragility.

Journey always needs to know where everyone of her pack is and monitors acitivity. My mother decided she would like to redecorate her bedroom and with her hammer and nails started to put up some pictures. Well you can imagine with the hammering and banging Journey is down those stairs barking and is on a mission. She ran right to the bedroom door bounced the door open charged into the room saw what was going on and immediatley stopped and walked over to say hello to my mom and then decided she would just stay and visit for a while and make sure she was okay.
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