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Formal Training at the age of 11 months after a bite incident


I have a 11 month GSD. He is generally very good and easy going but he is too protective toward me. He will bite anybody even my family member if they talk to me in loud voice or try to hit me. He had this behavior since childhood, whenever anybody of us in family fight or talk loudly he will jump on us. Unknowingly we encouraged his behavior and we would show this to anybody coming to our home. I'd ask the visitor to hit me and my dog will bark at him.
Now this has become a problem for us. He wasn't formally trained. We just gave him normal sit, down etc training by over-self and it was never regular. So in a sense he is not trained well and has developed a dominance problem. He sees everybody at my family below him and won't listen to them. Few day back we thought to be a little bit strict on him so that he wud know who is master. So one day he was roaming around and I asked my mother to command him to sit. My mother hold his collar and tried to make him sit. When he resisted I yelled at him and he thought i was yelling at my mom. So he attacked her and broke of her skin and made deep wound which took like 3 weeks to heal.

After this incident we sent him to a relative. There they beat him and tried to suppress his dominance, but i thought that's not a good solution and i sent to a trainer who has like 40 -50 year of dog training experience. He was a trainer in military. He said it will take 3-4 months to complete his obedience training.

So i want to know will he listen to my family member after he completes his training or we will have to train him not to bite family member. Trainer says my dog will obey all our command but i still have some doubt. Becuase i think he will now listen to the trainer only and nobody else. Trainer is very far from my home so i can't take my family there every now and then. I don't have any dog exp and this is my first pet dog so please tell if this training is going to help in correcting his bad behavior toward my family?

We love our dog so much and that why we never hit him and gave him too much freedom, but now its cause problem ( !! is offline  
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