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Vet asked me what type of dog is Kira.. seriously?

A new vet opened across from my pet food store. They had a coupon for a "free" exam. The pet supplier said they were great, and they had no suprises.

I decide to do a "walk in", figuring they would take a look at Kira's dirty ear, and see if it looks OK.

They take my coupon, no far, so good.

The doctor greets us, and we go into a room.

Here's the conversation:

Dr.: Hi, I'm Dr. xxxx
Me: Nice to meet you
Dr: Who's this?
Me: This is Kira.
Dr.: Oh, Kira's beautiful!.. What kind of dog is she?
Me: (bewildered) Large chihuahua
Me: Just kidding.. GSD
Dr.: Is she really? I've never seen one like this. She's so small and fluffy
Me: Small and fluffy? That should scare the bad guys.

Me: (Using an iPhone app that makes it appear that I got a phone call), Dr. OH, I forgot I had to pick up my daughter. I have to leave immediately.. LOL
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