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We finally got to the Vet. an established and competent Vet.

He looked at it and was not sure what it was. He had his thoughts but wanted to be sure instead of making assumptions.

He got out a needle and did a biopsy. seemed a bit dry (in my opinion) but he finally was able to retrieve a bit of contents out and had them sent to the lab.

So you can imagine that the next few days were torture (for us.. Lee didn't seem to care)

Yesterday, we called the Vet as planned for the results. Tumor was the word.
and possibly malignant.

well.... I don't need to tell you that we were devastated. He said, that the afflicted toe needed to go.. like now.. So we went in this morning per appointment. She was sedated, then X-rayed first. The point of the X-ray was to check the chest. Apparently, if the tumor had begun to spread, the first place it would lay it's hooks would be in the lungs. But lucky for us, the X-ray showed a proud, strong and healthy 6 year old.

So. the toe was removed. The operation was fine and now Lee is slowly coming around from the anesthesia back in our living room. The toe will be sent to the lab to do a more thorough analysis, so we are waiting on that..
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