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moving on.. The growth had the size and feel of a Lima bean. and was extruding out the side of one of her toes. The blood that we saw was because of the playing in the icy snow, the tip of the growth was scraped and hence, bleeding.

Well, that was it for playing that day. when we got her home, she didnt seem bugged by us fumbling the growth.. except of course where it was scratched.

So we stopped to process it all and decide the next course of action. You can imagine that the appearance alone struck fear.

It was a long weekend.

I decided to do some research online. (I landed on this forum in one of my searches)

The reason I am writing this is because there are apparently Many causes of a growth on the foot. Could be a Blood Blister, an Ingrown Hair, a Tick, a Tumor, a Cyst, a Wart.. I have found and read so much..

Treatments have ranged between 'Leave it Alone' to 'Put the dog to sleep'.. Hemeroid creams, Ice Cubes, food additives.. man.. it was killing me waiting till the Vet was back.
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