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Sore left front leg

Need advice: I have got a 6 month male German sherperd who started limping about 6 weeks ago. Took him to our local vet who gave Petcam (meloxicam Oral Suspension) said to watch him for a few days. I landed up going to a second vet who was recommended by the breeder. He took x-rays and found nothing, sent me home with Previcox227mg. Said to watch him and hopefully it will get better on its own. Leg has not improved, this week took him back to the Vet, he retook x-rays once again,. still has not found anything. Compared the X-rays says everything looks normal. He does agree that there is something wrong, limp is very noticeable. As it is holidays we need to wait for second week of January to see a specialist at another practice.

I have tried to keep him as still as possible, limited exercise, very controlled diet. Was recommended to start giving him Glucosamine. As he is still very young it is very difficult to keep him calm at all times.

Has anyone experienced similar problems with there dogs?
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