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Can you feed just raw meat, nothing else?

Hi folks,

All rigth I am very green at this, the last dog I had was fed kibbles and that was it. Lived long and happy! :-)

As we are looking for a WL GSD, I want to make sure we feed him good.

A company here sells meat for dogs (improper for consumption by humans) that is packaged in blocks about the size of a pound of butter, sealed.

That's what a breeder around here gives his dogs and from what I gather, it is even cheaper than to buy any kind of kibbles.

My question is the following: Do dogs really need to eat other things than meat? If I would go with the aformentioned option, would I need to start adding veggies, yogurt, vitamins or else?

If so, I just don't think it would realistically work for us and I would probably buy the Kirkland brand at Costco, which apparently ranks better than many supposedly high-end brands (or brands marketed as such).

I don't know, I figure dogs, if they lived in the wild, would probably not eat carrots, veggies, fish oil or even fishes, they would eat MEAT.

What is your opinion? Am I completely off track?

Thanking you in advance for your educated advice.

Kona - Carmspack GSD born November 25, 2012.

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