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Make sure you look at the recalls (and history of recalls) on the foods. This is a link to help you evaluate foods.

Dog Food Reviews and Ratings | Dog Food Advisor

Some of the foods are made by the same company. I've read of some folks who've had pups with issues from Blue. It's a pretty rich food. Looks like what you've got are a mix of 4 and 5 star food according to that site. I feed Innova LBP, which I've been very happy with. It's not as frequently used as a lot of other foods (on this forum), but it's a four star to 5 star food... and it's worked well for me. I would start with a smaller size bag to make sure whatever food you choose agrees with the pup. These foods are NOT cheap (I can't imagine my parents ever spending this kind of money on our dogs when I was growing up!!) so going with a smaller bag first just makes sense. Good luck!
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