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I know it's been beat to death but I still need to ask

I got my first German Shepherd puppy well I will pick him up January 23rd and I have been researching dog food for him. I want to go ahead and get it and take whatever I will be feeding him to the breeder so that he can just start out on it and there will be no transitioning when I get him. I am a Police Officer and when he gets old enough he will be going threw K9 training so of course I want him big, strong and healthy. It seems the more I try and read the more I debate on the brands. I have it narrowed down to 4 brands and I want to get the best for my puppy of the 4 also I am looking for the brand that I ill feed him less of in a sense because the less I carry in my car the better so if he eats less portion wise but still gets all his nutrition it will help with that. I plan on trying to keep him on the same brand of food his whole life as long as its good food and works good with him. Thanks for all the help.

This is what I am picking from in order.
1) Canidae-All Life Stages Large Breed
2)Blue Buffalo-Life Protection Large Breed Puppy
3)Wellness-Super5mix Large Breed Puppy
4)Nutro Ultra Large Breed Puppy
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