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Testing a limit with my reactive dog

I've worked a year on training nightly, mostly focus commands to keep her wild nature focused on me. Rey still lunges on leashes at everything unfamiliar and I hold on with a death grip. So today I took a chance and did somethng new. I've noticed the few times she has slipped the collar in the past (not able to now with the Martingale) she doesn't go far, just wants to run. So this morning I got up late and knew she desperately needed to do her business. It is raining and nasty out and I'm worn out from standing in the weather waiting eons for this dog to poop. I checked to see if the neighboring farm had already fed the cattle and they had, so no tractor or people out in the field to freak her out. I simply let her out. She stood on the porch with me awhile, not quite sure what to do. I pointed to the steps and told her to go potty. She ran down the steps, then back up to me, unsure of herself. I repeated myself. She went down the steps again, peed, then ran back to me on the porch. I let Buddy out and told her to "go poo-poo." When Buddy went down the steps, she followed. Amazingly, she did a little fast run of the yard (she needs that), then went poop, and came right back when I called her. Maybe I need to learn to let go just a wee bit.
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