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And now we have epic gas.

I finally fully transitioned my GSD (9 years) to the Royal Canin prescription from the vet (duck and potato). The transition was complete Tuesday evening's meal.

I'd been feeding brown rice with either elk, venison, lean beef or chicken and he was doing fine. And the transitioning period was fine. He wasn't freaking out to go out in the night. Tuesday night he had to go out, so I let him out but he was just sort of so-so about doing whatever (it was 3 a.m., dark, cold and windy so I didn't go out with him, don't know if he had diarrhea or not).

Last night he wanted out about 3:30 a.m. so I put on my shoes, glasses and bathrobe and put him on a leash and he had TERRIBLE gas and it smelled awful.

He hopped around trying to poop, just letting out gas, then was happy as a clam and ready to go back took me over an hour to warm back up and go back to sleep. And of course then the cat wanted out. I'm exhausted.

He also isn't thrilled about eating it again all of a sudden, so he'll be going back on meat and rice tonight.

So thoughts on the food? It's the Royal Canin Veterinarian, duck and potato.

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