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Originally Posted by brandongill1 View Post
Odin who is now 11 months, has been perfectly fine to be left in the house to do what he wanted, and yesterday all of a sudden he chewed up one of my ps3 controllers, I was extremely upset, he never touched any of my things since he was a puppy, he has tons of toys and had just come back from a walk, but i blamed myself because I left it where he could reach. So today, it was the same thing, but instead i decided to leave him in his crate, with a few bones and some toys, and put my valuables up to a place where i "thought" he couldnt reach the night before, so I come home and I find that he has broken out of his crate, jumped up, grabbed my other 2 ps3 controllers and broken them as well as my tv remote.

Why is he doing this? he has toys, i walk him 3 times a day including a few games of fetch and he is obviously excersized, im VERY frustrated with him at the moment
Well he obviously doesn't like those ps3 controllers

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