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I'm trying to include a pic
Not sure if it worked or not! Ok I have been trying the redirect thing with him and I think he is catching on. I tried the 'owww' and he kind of tilted his head at me like I was crazy lol but it did work to get him to stop! When I hand him the toy to redirect that also stops him for a couple of minutes, I'm sure if I keep at it he will catch on, he's a smart boy and really tries so hard to please. That's why his potty training was so easy, the first time I caught him in the act I told him no and made him watch while I cleaned it up and took it outside and set it where I wanted him to go, and he never had an accident since! I sincerely see why so many people love the breed, although I think he is a lot lower drive than most GSDs. He's a very 'cuddly' looking dog, and my family is hurt by the fact that he has no interest in them. My fiancé has tried enticing him with treats and my kids try to get him to play with them. He will let anybody walk up and pet him, it's really odd though, it's like he looks straight through them. It honestly is the only time I've ever seen a dog go so far out of his way to ignore something. I had wondered if in m fiancés case Apache was just fearful of him, but he doesn't cower or avoid him, he just acts like he isn't there. I'm flattered and honored to be the object of Apaches affection but its also inconvenient since he absolutely will not let my fiancé take him out for walks and to go to the bathroom, so guess who it is taking him out 8-10 times a day to walk and go to the bathroom? Yours truly! My fiancé tried to take him out, but all the wonderful things Apache does for me on the leash, heeling and such, does not happen for my fiancé. I don't get mad, because if I am not willing to brave the cold Michigan weather for Apache, then I don't deserve him. But I feel guilty that Apache is so indifferent towards my family. Is there some kind Of treat that is like irresistible to dogs that I can have my family give to him? Right now I have a package of deli turkey that I use just for him for treats, is there something dogs are ecspecially partial to? I want everyone to love Apache the way I do, and right now, my fiancé marvels at how smart he is and how calm he is, but he hasn't formed that bond with him. I'm going to try everyone's suggestions again though, and see what happens! Thanks again everyone!
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