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Originally Posted by Jag View Post
Gorgeous pics!! Ollie is getting big! Sounds like you guys had a great day out. Hate to say it, but you may have to 'help' those ears.... my plushie coated bitch had to have help, but when I finally got them to stand, they stayed up. He's so adorable it's ridiculous!!
Thanks! He might look a bit small next to my husband who's six foot lol but he is definitely growing lots, I keep having to adjust his sensations harness, lol! Btw those harness's are AMAZING for pullers... Ollie walks beautifully loose leash with this harness but if he's on a collar, any collar including the martingale he is a ferocious terrible puller. I need to work with him on that more I know but for now the harness is a godsend!

I'm hoping since he's just four months that there's still hope left since both of his ears has stood up at one point, just never at the same time.
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