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Talking Ollie goes to Balboa park(pictures!)

Ollie turned four months old today!

My husband has been working 12+ hours days for about a week including through the weekend because of a deadline but his boss gave him the day off today so we decided to take Ollie out for some sun, fun and socialization. Balboa is the largest park in this country, even bigger then Central Park... It has the San Diego Zoo, loads of museums, botanical gardens, nature trails and a few big dog parks. I'd highly recommend visiting if you're ever in the San Diego area!

He did SO well and met loads of people including several small children which he adored and was so gentle with. His temperament has been absolutely phenomenal so far, he's not landsharky at all and didn't jump all over or nip at the kids... He's amazing. Even when we sat down for lunch, he just plopped down and people watched, I'm just stunned by how mellow he is for his age.


Fountain by the science center, we had lunch here

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:01:46) by snowypony, on Flickr

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:02:07) by snowypony, on Flickr

Ollie is completely unimpressed

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:09:09) by snowypony, on Flickr

Being a good boy

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:18:05) by snowypony, on Flickr

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:19:57) by snowypony, on Flickr

He loves kids!

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:22:16) by snowypony, on Flickr

Beautiful boy but wish those ears would go up lol

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:25:39) by snowypony, on Flickr

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:29:34) by snowypony, on Flickr

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:29:49) by snowypony, on Flickr

I cannot for the life of me get him to look at the camera

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:38:53) by snowypony, on Flickr

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:28:23) by snowypony, on Flickr

Untitled (2012-12-19 22:42:45) by snowypony, on Flickr

Totally passed out in my lap on the way home, mission accomplished!

Untitled (2012-12-19 23:43:41) by snowypony, on Flickr
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