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Originally Posted by Meeka View Post
If u hit it with your bare hands then that's why he doesn't let u touch him because he associates your hands as a negative thing so he is protecting himself from being hit again each time you try to reach for him. Try hand feeding it or have treats ready everytime you want to pet him. Don't hit him as a punishment because he will remember.

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Meeka is right. You should never hit your dog as a punishment because the hands become associated with getting hit. I do not know how you correct your dog or exactly what it is you do to correct him.

This is just my opinion and I am a average pet owner so you can take my advice or leave it... Up to you...

The dog has now come to know that your hands are not a good thing. If you continue to hit the dog to correct him this may lead into a very bad situation for you and the dog... Since you have hit him I do not know if you will be able to change the association on your own.

I would suggest in your case I would actually bring in a trainer/behavior specialist to help you. This way you have some one who knows what they are doing and can help teach you how to properly correct your dog and change the bad association of your hands... I would hate to see or hear that you ended up with a serious bite and your dog having to be put down.
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