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Help! Rescue aggressive toward our 19 yr. old son

Hi all...we have had our rescue, Gracie, for 3 months ( she is estimated 1.5 to 2 yrs. old). She immediately bonded with me, and subsequently my husband, and 15 year old daughter (all living in household). Our 19 year old son is a college student who lives away. He was home a few times for weekends since we got her. She would bark every time he entered a room when he was home, but that was understandable as these were short visits. Now he is home for the holiday break until late January. The problem - every time he comes up the stairs, she is there barking, and lunging. She will get a bit comfortable around him when he is in the room with us, but the minute he gets up or makes a move, she is barking, lunging again. She is relatively well trained (professional training scheduled for after the holidays, had to postpone due to death in trainer's family), but we need help in the interim. We had tried treats, the "no barking" command, settle, etc., which all help short term, but she just won't warm up to him. He is a big guy ( 19 yrs. old, 6'2"). She was definitely abused in her past and I am unsure about the specifics. She is still easily spooked by loud, unexpected noises, etc., but is otherwise great. Any suggestions, ideas, to get us through until training commences. I am at my wit's end...Thanks so much for any input.
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