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Tennis balls and teeth

How many people use tennis balls to play with your dogs?

With Abby, my last dog, tennis balls were part of our daily routine. She didn't chew on them, just caught them, brought them back, repeat x 1000000.

When she was about 4 years old, I noticed that her teeth were getting flat and looking really close I could see something "brown" in the middle of her teeth.

Off to the vet, and he told me yeah, tennis balls are the worst thing for a dog's teeth. I was shocked and ticked ... why hadn't I heard about this before? Millions of people play with their dogs with tennis balls ...

So tennis balls got replaced with orange plastic "hockey" balls ... and Abby never knew the difference.

I don't have any pics of Abby's teeth ... but the link below is someone else's story (and picture) of tennis balls and her dog's teeth.

I thought of posting this here because I see so many dogs playing with tennis balls, and I cringe when I think of the damage I let happen to my last dog's teeth.

Prevention, prevention, prevention!

Just a warning for those that use tennis balls ... find something else!!!


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