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GSD Duck Retriever. Male or Female?

Hello Everyone, first post here though I have been reading through these forums for awhile and I noticed there is a lot of good information and you guys really love your GSDs!

Anyways my girlfriend and I decided to get a dog to be a companion to join us in the house, hiking, camping, running and going to lake. We have both had dogs in the past but this will be the first one that we will raise together and we decided on a GSD. We like the breed because of past experience with them and their energy and intelligence and the fact that it will keep my gf feeling safe when I'm not around. Now we just need to decide on a breeder and a gender.

I want to try to train the dog to retrieve ducks for me. I realize this not what the breed was bred for and that is might not workout but it will at least be a fun way to spend time with the dog. Like I said earlier, we really just want a companion and I just like the idea of training a dog so why not train it to join me in one of my favorite hobbies.

Now for male vs female. I have read several threads on this topic and recurring stances are that:

1. females are more serious, mature faster, more intelligent (pros IMO)

(cons IMO) more independent, less forgiving in training and less friendly with people and animals outside the family (really don't want to stress about my dog hurting someone who doesn't deserve it)

2. males are more laid back, easier to train, more velcroey and maybe easier to bond with and more receptive to training throughout the adult life? (pros IMO)

(cons IMO) 10-30% larger than females (GSDs are already big and I worry that running with a heavier dog will hurt their joints) mature slower, goofy and doofusy (puppy like)

I understand these are just generalizations and that genetics and training/upbringing will affect the dog's character and temperament more. But I would still like to hear some input on genders to help us make up our mind. The fact that females are intelligent and serious make me think they might be better duck dogs, On the other hand I have read that females are more "pre-programmed" and that the trainer/handler can have more of an impact on the outcome of a male because of their later maturity with testosterone production, but we are going to speuter either sex so I don't know if that matters. Plus I have read a couple articles about GSD Duck dogs and I think both were female.

Anyways sorry for the long winded post, I'm just pumped about getting a GSD and training it Like I said the bond and companionship of a dog is what we both want most. All thoughts and comments are welcomed and appreciated.
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