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How do I begin Nosework?

It was suggested by someone that I get Chief into Tracking for more mental stimulation. I think Nosework would be easier for him and it seems more fun I think Chief would LOVE nosework he is always sniffing around the house for anything and when outside he loves sniffing the air and even goes up to parked cars at our duplex and sniffs by the trunk and tires I think he would have a lot of fun at this and be good mental stimulation for him he seems to get more tired from mental stimulation than physical. I just want to do this for fun and don't have the money to take him to classes I want to do it at home, so if you would be able to point me to a series of videos of a link that puts it out step by step, or if there is a trainer here willing to tell me step by step things to do or different games to play to built up. Chief and I would really appreciate it!!

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