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Black / Tan shepherd loosing her fur

So 2 months ago, my dog within 3 days, lost all her fur on her right side, at the back just by her leg. The skin underneath her body, was extremely red, so i rushed her to my vets, i told him that she was constantly scratching and biting herself. His first response was " Its flea's " I told him i doubt that as i de-flea her every month. He soaked a white cloth and ran it along her 22 times, until he finally admitted it probably wernt flea's but still gave me de-fle stuff.

1 week later ( 0 improvement ) - He says its probably a mange, So he pescribes her antibiotics, steroids, a special shampoo and gives her a mange thing.

3 weeks later ( Still no improvement ) - he gives me antihistamines aswell

This week - Hair is finally growing back, itch has completely gone, aswell as red marks.

Two days ago - My dog starting to lose of her white fur by her tail, and starts loosing hair. I put this down to shedding. Her behaviour seems off. She is wanting to be stroked, she is licking me, and actually want me to go near her. ( Normally she hates being stroked or touched )

Today - I wake up to find my entire downstairs covered in hair. I find my dog, all the white fur by her tail is almost completly gone, and underneath where the white fur was reveals red skin ( again ). I then notice she is developing bald spots all over.

Her underneath ( Belly ) Is perfectly fine, no redness.

I have booked an emergency appointment with my vets again. Im looking her for idea's. As i think it may be an allergy, but he says its not and i should let him be the vet.

-Her diet hasnt changed since she was 6 months old.

-She turned 1, on december the 3rd. She got these problems at 8 months.

- No changes to her routine, apart from this week she hasnt been out due to me being ill.

- She doesn't interact with other dogs, or other animals.

I forgot to mention, she is extremely flaky. I stroke her, and mass fur comes out, and if i scratch her, i get covered in white flaky skin ( Taken today, first time i have ever seen under her white fur ) ( Other side, again taken today ) ( This is her fur now )

Sorry for bad quality, i live alone, and its hard to get her to let me look, since whenever i touch around the area's. She gets distressed.

* This picture is of her, 1 week before any of these problems began *

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