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US Police K-9

I am in the UK and have some experience of working police dogs over here. I love watching the US K9 Cops type shows on Animal Planet, and am always impressed with the impeccable training of the US working dogs shown. What also always surprises me is that, in the US, GSDs seem to be used for many jobs that we would traditionally use gundogs (Labradors, Springer or Cocker Spaniels) for in this country - (such as being trained to find specific scents: drugs, cash, explosives, firearms, human remains/blood etc).

Why is it that the US can utilise the GSD to do all tasks, yet here we use GSDs for General Purpose work (ie searching for suspects and missing people;
locating objects dropped or concealed during a criminal incident;
following a track left by a person on the ground;
chasing and detaining a person who runs away when challenged to stop;
disarming violent armed suspects and controlling hostile crowds.)
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