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I use one on my dog because it is what I learned with. Growing up my parents got a chocolate lab puppy and took it for training to a lady that trains German shepherds for police and protection work. It is what she recommend and since the whole family went to training, I learned all my basic dog training skills using a prong collar. When I got my dog it seemed like the most logical choice to continue using something that I was familiar with. The biggest difference between me and my parents is that I am slowing phasing out using the prong collar where they still use it (I will admit their dog is far from the sharpest tack in the box).

For example, I trained Jade to walk nicely and to heel using the prong collar. As she is getting older I use it less and less. Now the only time that she wears it is when we are going somewhere that I know will be exciting for her. The pet store, the high school by my house, picking out our Christmas tree, ect. I know that her obedience is far from 100% in these situations and I do not want to set her up for failure. In my mind it makes much more sense to put the prong collar on when we go to PetSmart because one correction and she listens. If she was just in a flat collar it would take more to get her to focus on me when there is a yapping dog in her face and treat smells everywhere. I feel like it is better for her training to keep it where if she doesn't listen the first time, she gets corrected, and then does whatever it is I asked; than for her to ignore my instructions multiple times. Then she just learns "okay, I don't have to listen the first time, I can ignore mom a few times before I really get in trouble" But like I said, we are working toward phasing the prong collar out. I am fully confident that by the time she mature she will not need it at all.

Well that was long, and I'm not entire sure if it made sense but those are my reasons for using a prong collar!

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