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Tips on getting my girl into "drive" or "work mode"

Hello. My girl is 2.5 years old. We have been working on obedience for a while now. She has 2 legs towards her CDX. We almost finished this past weekend, except she took a liking to walking the broad jump

The broad jump has always been a touch and go issue with her. I feel she knows it, but is deciding when she wants to actually jump it... she's messing with me. I'm going to set up some poles next to it and start from the beginning... make sure she knows it's a jump.

My MAIN issue with her is keeping her interested, she seems to get very bored when in the ring... but not all the time. When she is in "work mode", she is amazing... she'll launch over the broad jump, rush out to retrieve the dumbell like I shot her out of a cannon, and do instant finishes. Other times, she saunters when heeling, casually strolls to the dumbell and walks the broad. I'll set her up for an exercise, and when I tell her to sit she responds very slowly, and sometimes I have to say it multiple times. It's frustrating for me, and I feel she can sense it. We were in two trials in one day, and she was on in the morning, but dead in the afternoon. Even the judge said it was like I had two different dogs.

I can tell if she is going to walk the broad or not, just based on her attitude when we're in the ring. If she seems lazy, bored, and uninterested, no way she'll jump it. If she's in "work mode", she is a blast and I have nothing to worry about. I need to know how to switch her "on" and keep it that way. I know it is something I'm doing wrong, and I want to fix it. I want her to have fun

Is there something I can go back to the beginning and work on? She loves toys and food, but I can't bring those into the ring. Any help is appreciated!
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