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Pack of Two?

Hello! I am bringing home my 8 week old GSD on January 8th and he'll be my first dog that aI am solely responsible for raising. Nervous!

My question I enough for him? Already I am more than devoted to him, unhealthily maybe since we've never met, but dogs are pack animals and I wonder if he will miss extra people to call his pack. I have two roommates but we do our own things so they won't (and I don't want them to) be his family. One of my close friends will be involved but more or less I will be all he has. Is that enough to give him a sense of pack and family?

Also! I live in an apartment but have a shared yard. My neighbor has a dog too and they will be sharing a potty area...but before his 9/10 week vaccinations is it safe to have him going there?

Thanks for any insight. I would love stories from single dog owners!
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