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Getting Back to Agility - small brag

Yesterday, Tara and I took a private agility lesson since I have some extra time right now. I warned our instructor that we hadn't done any agility in months - since late August, early September, so I wasn't really expecting much other than to get there and have some fun. Tara had other ideas...this was probably the single-best agility lesson/class we've ever had. She was extremely motivated - so much so that she was having so much fun she started blowing contacts and even flew off the teeter. I know that really those aren't the things to be happy about, but it showed me that she was having a WOOHOO GREAT TIME! We've struggled with motivation in the past, but I'd say whatever was going on yesterday was perfect. Usually, I handle everything from out in front, but I was having trouble getting there yesterday! Fortunately, she was handling the course almost instinctively knowing what I wanted from her rather than me having to support every single obstacle. Our instructor even said that we must have been practicing at home because of how well we were doing - this was the best she's seen from Tara. I wish I'd taken my camera to video some of our runs, but I thought this would be more of a reintroduction to agility than picking right up where we left off.

We're taking two more private lessons in January. Then, if it works with my schedule, we might try to do a group class again to get both of us used to the idea of other dogs being in the vicinity while she's running. Maybe then I'll feel ready to start trialing her.


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