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Default I think he is too skinny now! Or is he just fit?

So, over the hot summer..Max developed a layer of baby fat. In preparation for our show, he went on a diet and I really upped his exercise.

Now that it has cooled off, Max has become a "Chuck-it" junkie!! Our space to run is about 300 yards long and he sprints for a good hour several times a day..with pool breaks mixed in for good measure.

Anyway, after he went for a dip yesterday..I thought...yikes! he looks like I have been starving the poor guy. I dont know..does he look fit or just tooo dang skinny? (my sister has my perception is skewed)

I dont want people to think I hold back on the groceries when we go out and about! Thats not how I operate!

What do you guys think?
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