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Unleashed small dogs

I took Lola (4.5mths old) for a walk last night around the neighborhood where we crossed 2 small unleashed dogs.
The first one,a boston terrier ignored his owner's call, walked up and started sniffing Lola non aggressively but the own was visibly panicked.
He yelled all the dog and it pissed me off because I didn't want Lola to feel like she did anything wrong.
A few houses later she was charged by a shih tzu that snapped at her while running circles around her.
I stayed calm as it was 2 little kids out with the dog but I was pissed.
I know this will happen again and I don\t want to come off as the mean neighborhood lady with the GSD. How should I handle a loose agressive dog next time.
I;m not afraid of Lola getting hurt but one snap from her and their dog would be seriously injured.
I'd love advice please.

Lola :German Shepherd born 08/02/2012
Vader:Aussie/Border Collie born 05/06/2014
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