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Baton Rouge, La (#31129)-"Tessa" - young female (adopted)

Tessa is a young female in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who needs a foster or rescue angel. I'm usually okay when I leave the shelter, but this one is killing me. I can't foster at the moment due to a medical issue being treated for one of my own dogs, and I'm very worried about this little one.

She is terrified and shut down, even though she's only been at the shelter a few days. It took me 30 minutes to get her from the back of her kennel to the door, with treats and lots of patience, the first time I met her. She eventually decided I was nice and surprised me by crawling into my lap at the entrance to her kennel, while I was squatting down feeding her treats. She didn't want to walk with me -- she just wanted to be held. She wants to be in a lap or pressed up against a person to feel safe.

She has a skin condition that hasn't been diagnosed yet. It's apparently unlikely to be demodex, though, according to the shelter's staff. I gave her a chlorhex bath Sunday, to see if it helps, and I got her Capstarred, in case its a flea allergy. She looks pretty horrible, as her skin is flaking everywhere, and there are lots of bare patches. She smells way better after the bath, though.

Each time I've had her out, she relaxes in my lap, and I can feel the fear and stress release from her little body as I hold her and pet her. She fell asleep that way after her bath. She also rolled over nibbled my fingers gently while I rubbed her tummy--she's absolutely charming.

She was temporarily kenneled with a goofy young lab, so we know she has no dog aggression in the shelter. She's quite docile and submissive in the shelter.

She's at the public shelter in East Baton Rouge Parish -- Companion Animal Alliance (Companion Animals Alliance). I sent them a bio to get her up on Petfinder, but it's not listed yet. The shelter will gratefully work with reputable out-of-state rescues, consider applications from out-of-state adopters, and even approve foster applications out of town -- they are trying to move from being a high-kill shelter to a low-kill one, and they are open to creative ideas that save dogs and get them into good homes.

PM me if interested in saving this little one. Please cross-post anywhere she'll get attention. The adoption fee is just $12 in December (which includes spay, up-to-date shots, and microchip). Heartworm status is unknown (but she can be tested upon request, for any prospective adopter).

Compare the face above to the pitiful one when I first encountered her in her kennel:

And here she is after her bath and lap-nap, content to be carried like a baby in Mr. Magwart's arms:
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