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New pup!

hey people.. finally Kaiser's home! so he's been ok today.. mostly just sleeping & play biting since I picked him up at the airport but I've been discouraging that (not the sleeping).. He had his dinner properly & just keeps lazing around the house.. Haven't got him a crate yet.. made a make shift bed but he likes to sleep on the floor! Guess he's just tired from the trip.. he's pooped once after he came back (in my room btw)! and peed like 4 times in 4 different places
I tried to take him out to poop after an hour of eating dinner but all he does is just lies down like a lazy bum.. tried taking the cloth I wiped his pee with but still nothing.. Took him down again after an hour, same thing!
Is he still getting used to the new place hence isn't pooping? Need to get a crate asap! He's also been scratching like a mad man! there're flakes on his coat kind of like our dandruff.. can this happen due to change in atmosphere? he was shipped from a comparatively colder place.. and he's incessantly whining when he's scratching.. taking him to the vet tmrw but any suggestions here are welcome!
oh btw, I live in an apartment so I have to take him down everytime he has to do his business
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