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Hi, been a while since i have posted. i have been reading various threads and looking over certain parts of the website but i have not posted in a while.

I was after some general feedback / thoughts on an issue i am having with Drey. Its been a bit of an ongoing health issue. Couple months back we were out a walk and he fell down a small bank. Since then he has developed a limp. I am putting 2 and 2 together and saying it has come from the fall as it was never apparent before it, but you know how it goes with the puppies, they are gangly and a bit 'bambi on ice' while growing up and the run / trott varies each day. We left him a day or so and tried to keep movement to a minimum. The limp only showed when he was at a 'trotting' pace, didnt seem to bother him at running speed.
After a visit to the vet we recieved pain killers and were told too rest, just a bump and bruise soo to speak mixed with growing pains. We rested and the limp did apear to go for a time being, or atleast reduce it. As you can appreciate a GSD doesn't understand the rest and stay in / small walks for your own good or stop chasing the ball, so we had to eventually walk him again. The limp re appeared and we decided we wanted xrays done. The vets xrayed him and said there was no visable damage and to rest him again, giving us an anti inflamatry spray. Again we rested him for days - trying mental stimulation to keep him occupied. Now the limp apears to be back with vengance and looks worse than before. It never used to bother him but i can now see when standing the front left leg is straight but the front right has a slight bend in it like he is keeping the pressure off of it. Iv inspected the pad, iv stroked and touched all parts of the leg looking for a whimper and nothing apears to be showing. He now cries sometimes and i know my dog, its after a walk or he has played ball. I know its bothering him and i can tell by the stance he is reluctant to openly go all out on that leg. Like he is compensating for it.
we have the vets again tonight and i am reluctant to accept growing pains or a bump and bruise as this has been weeks. Closer to months now. any past experience / constructive views would really help. i am maybe over daddying my pup and he is just growing / tripped but he loves his big runs /getting out and i can tell its hampering him.

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