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Originally Posted by ponyfarm View Post
Max is getting to that age when I am trying to plan for nueter, hip x-rays, gastroplexy. In my mind, these are all elective. So, I am gettng feedback from what others have done. Dont worry, my vet and I will make the final decision.

So, Would you or have any of you had a gastroplexy done on your dog? Would you have this procedure done even if the vet wasnt already in there doing a spay? Or in my case the dog is under for a nueter or x-rays. When would you consider having this procedure done..age-wise?

Thanks for your insight..and I just realized that I am letting it be known publically that I am a big worry-wort!!
IMO, if you're going to put him to sleep, especially to neuter, answer would be YES.

It's not a guarantee that he won't ever get the bloat but, most likely will not get the torsion part. Chances of survival and less damage caused by torsion are better according to my vet.

Also, be aware that a dog can get bloat/torsion at any age, at anytime...even at rest. (One member had a dog that experienced in the middle of night, long after eating and playing.)

Type in the search box...there are several threads on here where you can read stories about dogs and the owners' experiences concerning bloat/ torsion.

PS ... We are ALL worrywarts.

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