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LOL peace and Quiet? you shoulda got a fish! jk jk , Mine is 6 months and we are still working with some issues. We have a set of jingle bells attached to the back door that I make Hero ring in order for me to open the door. This took abotu 2-3 days and now if he wants to go out, he jingles. If we dont answer those jingles and there is an accident, it is our fault not his.

As for the whining in the crate, I think they all do that! One of the easiest ways to stop or at leaset reduce it is completely covering the crate with a blanket. That normally settles Hero down. Also when it comes time to open the crate, he starts jumping whining and going nuts for me to open it. I stop and turn my back to him. He sits and waits quietly for me to open it, if not ill turn again!

We keep a lead on him when he is out of the crate but we only grab it when he chases the cats, is counter surfing (new problem) ot is getting to rough with the kids. He is allowed out of the crate most of the day and we play all the time but if he grabs food out of the babies hands or off the coffee table, I got to scoop him up. We are working on reducing this problem where he steals whatever is edible thing from the kids. The other day stole a lollipop from the baby stick and all gone. Hero is pretty good, if I say his name or stand up he stops doing whatever he was cuz he knows he is wrong. As far as him chewing everything, your in the land shark stage where he is teething and going to lose all those puppy teeth. I suggest some KONG balls, lush and rubber, some stuffing free animals, try giving him an ice cube! feels good on those teeth and he will chase the cube which is fairly funny. Or you can put a few cubes in his water and watch him bob for them which can also be funny.

Are you in any type of formal training such as puppy kindegarten, basic obedience or anything like that? If not I would DEF suggest that as well!!

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