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How long did it take for you to trust your puppy?

For those with puppies past the age of 6 months or even those of you who own adult dogs and remember the puppy days.. how long did it take for you to trust your puppy? In terms of potty training, biting and chewing things, getting into trouble, etc. How old were they when they were able to have free roam of the house without much problem.

I cannot wait for that day. I feel it will never come sometimes. My pup is 16 weeks old today and while her chewing and eating random things on the ground like leaves and barks are a lot less than before, I still need an eagle eye on her. indoors she still has accidents and bites and eats things around the house. All of her accidents have happened right under my nose while tethered to me on a leash. Her squatting down takes less time than for my reaction time to kick in and me standing up and running over to her to stop her. But I always catch her in the act 100% of the time.

The other issue is crying and separation anxiety. It's funny because she didn't cry much at all when I got her but it's gotten worse instead of better. She was crate trained in the garage and she didn't cry that much where now she is indoors and older and she is crying even more. I believe before she was crying as a puppy because she was in a new environment and alone. Now it has turned into separation anxiety as it occurs whenever I leave the room or if she sees me leave through the front door. It will occur when I leave even when other family members are next to her as she spends the most time with me. I'll play with her and then crate her and she'll cry, yelp, whimper. I know what to do and it's being addressed but geez, it's been over a week and she still does it. Just wondering how long it took everyone before they can comfortably trust their puppy. If she's not crate trained, she is always tethered to me on a leash. She will naturally follow me whereever I go anyway.

Around what age should I expect a little more peace and quiet? I hope this isnt replaced with worse behavior at the adolescent stages haha
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