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Indoor tie-out?

My 9 month old male needs to be constantly supervised inside while he is learning his house manners. I usually keep him on a leash, or off-leash if I can watch him 100%. But in instances like today where I need to do housework and tend to the children, I can't keep him on the leash because I need both hands. I don't want to make him stay in his crate all day while I'm home, and outside is out of the question because we have severe storms rolling through all day.

When he was younger (and smaller) I would tie his leash to the kitchen cabinet and he would chew on a pigs ear while I did whatever. I've also tethered him to his crate. But now he is too big and can drag the crate around and get into things he shouldn't. He's about 55 lbs.

Does anyone know of a good way to tether a GSD puppy while inside? A tie-out, or tie-in? I've looked everywhere and can't find a good solution.
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