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Playing chase games with food - good idea/bad idea

Hello everyone,

After reading about Raw feeding etc I decided to treat the pup to a raw chicken wing last night (don't tell my wife)

He reacted really oddly, he didn't realise it was food at first and kept looking at me as if to ask "what should I do with it Dad?" When he started to twig he was playing with it like a cat would a mouse, pouncing and jumping on it, nipping and running away - I think he thought this thing was a live and might bite him.

Anyway, it occurred to me I could turn this into some great games by tying the wing to a rope and making him chase it round the garden.

I like to sound of this but alarm bells are ringing somewhere. Like maybe I might be teaching bad behavior or bringing out a killer instinct or something?

He is going to be a pet not a working dog if that makes any difference. Also I want him to be friendly to my pet chickens (although they are covered in feathers)

Any thoughts?
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