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My dog throws up and acting like nothing is wrong

Arexa is almost 8 months old, I switched her food to Blue Buffelo 3 weeks ago she used to be on Royal Canin. Today after eating her treat(she ate it before many times and nothing happened) she played tug for about one minute and then she threw up what looked like same color as the treat it even smelled like the treat. She also threw up in the car yesterday while we were driving after she ate some grass, which is normal as far as I know.. About 2 days ago I found 2 throw up strains on the carpet, it seems like she throws up and then eats it, I obviousely didn't let her eat it when I saw it today. She is healthy weight and playful and full of energy, she is acting like nothing is bothering her, right after she threw up today she went to eat her normal food like no big deal and back to playing....Should I be worried, did anyone else have this kind of experience?
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