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I absolutely love my iPad and they do have some stellar business apps and a very good App Store all around.

I love the durability of apple products, I have an android phone and its just made out of plastic whereas iPads are made out of titanium and glass. They seem to stand up to the test of time better. iCloud is also great... Stores all my photos, contacts, to do lists, etc across many devices including my PC.

Though if you don't use or want to use iTunes then an iPad might not be right for you... You are kind of locked into using apple with their products but that doesn't really bother me. If you would be needing a USB drive too then android would probably be better since iPads don't have a USB drive, I find that I never need one though.

I have an iPad 4 but you could definitely get a first or maybe even second generation iPad in your price range!

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