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we have a visiting dog for the weekend

The friend we are dog-sitting for is going to have an extremely exhausted dog when he gets back from Germany.

Kylie LOVES having somebody to play with. Ginger is 7-8yo (she was found in a parking lot 6 years ago so we don't really know how old she is) and loves other dogs, but Kylie is really trying her patience.

I took them for a walk together this morning and they did really well. I was worried about lots of leash tangling, but they just walked side-by-side. They only crossed their leashes a few times and there was no pulling.

They definitely do better outside. When they are outside, Ginger can stand still in the middle of the yard while Kylie runs in circles around her, hoping that Ginger will chase her.

Ginger does give in and chase her periodically and Kylie loves that.

Once Kylie gets tired out, they lie down side-by-side on the floor.
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