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Arrow Through the Years, Letting Something Out.

Through the Years

Through the years I have said and done so many wrong things that I really regret. Words I have said and things I've done that I can’t take back. I know I really hurt people and destroyed their confidence in some way. Why did I do that? I am not 100% sure myself, and all that I know is that I got sucked into the wrong crowd. I fallowed them and figured “hey, if I can’t beat them. I’ll join them.” That’s exactly what I did, and I still don’t know.

Fallowing the wrong crowd of people showed me somebody who I don’t want to be like, and end up as. I noticed the lives I was hurting, destroying, and ruining. That made my heart hurt; for them. I asked myself almost everyday why? Why was I so ugly, rude, and hurtful? I didn't figure this out for a long time. Then one day I was laying in my bed, asking those questions again.

Then I came to the realization that I just wanted to fit in. I wanted and very much needed friends, but the “friends” I was “friends” with did nothing but cause me to destroy and hurt the people I love and care about the most. That’s when I deleted them and cut them all out of my life. Since then I changed my life, my words, and my actions. I sent apology letters and emails to everybody I hurt, and I hope that they will forgive me, and that I didn't damage them for life. If they don’t I completely understand because I am accountable of what I have said, and done. Although this year is a new year.

My goal is to do nothing but lift and encourage others up, no matter what they have done or have said to me. Also, if I ever snapped or got ugly, or anything to anybody on here...I am truly 100% extremely sorry!!!
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