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Question Puppy shedding questions!

I've been reading a few other similar older posts but couldn't quite find what I was looking for unless I am just blind(which is highly possible)

Ollie will be four months next week and I've been noticing that he is scratching a lot and when he does big chunks of his black puppy coat are coming out. Right now he's on Orijen 6 fish along with real meat I make for him(he's a super picky eater), I don't 'think' it's allergies because his coat is super gorgeous, soft and shiny.

Is it possible his adult coat is coming in? I thought he was a little young for that but this is my first GSD pup so I'm in new territory here.

Thoughts?! I'll be a little bit sad if he's losing his poofy puppy coat.

And a picture to make the post worth reading

Most recent pic of him making a mess of the floors after a rainy muddy day.

Untitled (2012-12-13 23:11:23) by snowypony, on Flickr
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