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Talking Nine is enough

Quite often I read where someone wants to add another dog to their family or others who simply are too afraid of owning more than one due to potential problems.
Well, I have 9. Yup, you read that right; Nine.
Not all came into the family at the same time. My current wild bunch came in staggered over 5-6 years. I have 3 females and 6 males. All females are spayed and 3 of the males neutered, 3 intact. They range in size from 60lbs. to 160lbs, in age from 8mos. to nearly 8yrs. And, this is what warms my heart; they all love each other dearly.
No, the love didn’t happen overnight, we have had our share of fights. Most were minor but some quite serious. The minor squabbles I never interfere in as I have found, in my experience, just like children; they need to fight it out amongst themselves to get it out of their systems. Serious fights I, of course, intervene and give some serious lecturing and time outs. Call me the crazy dog lady (better than being a crazy cat lady. lol) but I do talk to my dogs. Again, I have found, in my own experience, the more you talk to them the more they seem to understand.
Anyway, each evening as we are relaxing after meals, play, etc. and winding down for bed my gang will all lay around with some grooming others, some cuddled with another and everyone just happy to be close to the rest of the family.
To see so many of different sizes, ages and breeds, male and female, altered and intact, get along so lovingly is truly a beautiful thing to see. It always makes me smile and truly warms my heart.
I know a multiple dog home isn’t for everyone but it is for me. We certainly have the space for them all. Money is always tight but everyone gets feed well, the medications/vitamins they need and a new collar now and then.
By the way, one thing I have noticed is that the more dogs I have the more likely my others will accept a new member. Besides my 9 we will sometimes have a weekend ‘visitor’, Fantasia, a female wolfdog, or one of the rescue dogs needing to learn some manners before going to their forever home. Most of the problems I had were when we only had a couple/few dogs and added another. After we got over 5 it wasn’t much, if any, issue at all with the others.

Oh, and NO, I do not plan on adding anymore. We are at our limit.
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