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Default Replacing an old friend...

Currently I live at home with my parents with a year left of college. I adopted Sampson (born 4/1/2012) earlier this year who acted as a friend and best pal of our 13 y/o Lab, Kelsey. She has since passed on and left not only Sampson without a friend, but also my parents without a dog of their own. As I do not plan on living with them for the majority of Sampson's life, I am going to adopt a puppy for them as a christmas gift. Yes I have already consulted them and yes they know what it entails as they were there as I raised and trained Sampson. I know most of you are against the idea of adding a puppy to the family when Sampson will only be 10 mos. but beyond the bickering and fighting over whether it is the right thing or the wrong thing, I am simply asking what steps I can take to make sure both dogs are trained properly, while still behaving well as friends.
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