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I need to stop walking in the dark!

Bear and I leave the house every morning before 6 am because it's the only time I can give him a good walk before I leave for work.

This morning we get to the other side of our house and there's a culvert that's meant to hold run off water, but it is overgrown and lots of critters hide in there. Bear freezes and is on high alert. I froze and listen, I could hear rustling in the bushes below and then Bear lets out a deep bark.

I hurry him along and shine my flashlight in the culvert but couldn't see anything. A little further up I'm still shining my flashlight and I see two pairs of eyes, they're coyotes. I normally don't worry when I see one, but I don't like seeing two. The entire walk (we're surrounded by open space) Bear keeps looking behind him. I'm worried that they're trailing us.

Now it's towards the end of our walk and we're on the last stretch of open space trail and I see more eyes coming towards us, but this time it's much taller. I shine my flashlight and it's a four point buck several yards ahead. Thankfully he decided to go the other way.

I know living in the foothills we see all kinds of animals, but I think I'd like to not see anymore for a while, especially after the last Bear encounter.

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