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Kyleigh pulls a hissy fit

For the last couple of days I have been concerned about London, my indoor cat. He was ALWAYS hungry, and I was ALWAYS feeding him. He wasn't showing any outward signs of anything (no vomiting, etc.) so I figured I'd let it go for a couple of days and see what happens.

I discovered WHY London is so hungry all the time ... Kyleigh.

The downside to teaching your fearless dog to jump up on things (outside, I get her to jump on all kinds of things, different heights, etc.) is that she has no fear of jumping on the table to eat the cat's food.

The table is about 4 feet high, and I have some steps along the side of it that London uses to get to the table. The steps are blocked off so Kyleigh can't get to them. I figured I had no issues with Ky eating London's food. I'd never caught her at it, she'd never shown any interest.

Last night I fed London (for the 5th time LOL) and went to address the Christmas cards. Suddenly I hear a really loud thump.

I snuck in to the other room and there's Kyleigh ON the table eating the cat's food. London just looks at me as if to say SEE ... I told you I was hungry all the time, now you know why.

Relieved that the cat wasn't "sick" I put more food in his bowl, took the dog out of the room and put the baby gate up in the doorway. I left a small gap under the bottom so the cat could get in and out.

About 10 minutes later, I hear Kyleigh barking up a storm (those high pitched yelps) and I get up to see what's going on.

I wish I had thought to bring my video camera ... she was standing in front of the baby gate barking at it ... she'd get close and stare at it, then back away and bark at it.

I told her to leave it, and brought her back in to the living room. A couple of minutes later, she gets back up to investigate, and sure enough, she's barking at the gate again. I left her there.

She did this for about 15 minutes before she realized that NOTHING was going to happen. The gate wasn't going to miraculously disappear, nor was the cat food wasn't going to make it's way to her. She gave up.

This morning was the best. I fed the cat, and put the baby gate back up, and went out with the dog. We came back about an hour later, and the first thing she does is zoom over to the doorway to get to London's food.

BAM ... she runs smack into the babygate.

I cracked up laughing, and she "lost it" ... it was hilarious ... she barked and barked and barked at the gate for a good 25 seconds ... she certainly gave that gate a piece of her mind. The she walked away ... BUT ... she had to turn around and get the last word ... one last sharp BARK and then she jumped onto her chair and glared at it.

Thank you Kyleigh for giving me something hilarious to laugh at, and start my day off in a great mood!

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