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Input on this Pedigree, please?

I've lightly researched over the last 5 years and got serious about purchasing a Working Line GSD about 18 mths ago. Loads of training and selection research in the last year. Now this is very time sensitive as I have been debating for too long on this litter and need to choose or choose not to choose.

This will be my first Working Line GSD and I know that I will have to gain the experience to be able to be where I currently dream of, . But I still would like a solid pup to start with. German lines, DDR, possibly Czech, I'm open as long as I get a great dog to start.

Can anyone help me on this pedigree and offer your thoughts and opinions? Also open to breeder suggestions. This litter suffered from Parvo, a male was lost, but the next potential male pick (all black and listed as m1) was less effected and is closer to normal if not normal weight.

Litter: Dartagnan and Kafi Litter 3

Sire: New Page 0

Dam: New Page 0

Thank you for your help!

Robert Dantes
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